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Buddy Program

Hi there, my name is Angelo Vero

I’ve decided to be there for you in 2021: a listening ear, a friend you can talk to about anything you want. But also a direct line to help if needed. From now on you can book a Buddy Call with or sign up for a group session.

Whether you are man, woman or in between. Whether you are in transition or have just completed your transition. Whether you already know who you are or just stuck with that. But even if you are straight and you just need someone to help you along your path of self empowering and self love; it doesn’t matter.


I also have a column on Blogzine where I will try to answer as many questions as possible and look for solutions together with you. 


The Buddy Program is part of my Project for 2021 to do more about mental health, self love and wellbeing. 

Read more about the project here

Buddy Program

In collaboration with EU4BE, the Representation of the European Commission in Belgium.




Talking to someone who really understands you or exchanging thoughts on themes that matter to you, feels good. Especially when the threshold to therapy is just a tad too high.

Although you are always welcome for an individual or group session, these sessions can certainly not replace professional therapy.

Do you still feel like you need more guidance or help? Then you can contact a lot of helplines, which is often free and anonymous. You can chat, email or call via the contact details. You can find them here.

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