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Last year, I told you about my plans to do more about mental health and helping others. I created a new project together with several partners and organisations that are willing to invest their time and energy towards a more healthy future. 

This project is firstly aimed towards (young) people with mental health difficulties or low self esteem and low self love, secondly towards members of the lgbtqia+ community, but also towards everyone who believes that our mental health is the most important. 

This project consists of five parts and runs (at least) over the entire year 2021. The first part is a weekly column at focussed mainly on the wellbeing of young men, women or anyone in between, who struggle with their identity and self love. 

The second part is the Buddy Program in collaboration with the Belgian representation of the European Commission, EU4BE. 

More parts of this project will be released very soon. 

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