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3 Must Visit Hotspots in Geneva if you are looking to unwind

Geneva is a nice city for those who want a nice weekend away in Europe. The city is divided by Lake Geneva. The narrow streets around the centuries-old Place du Bourg du Four in the centre invite you to wander around for hours.

Geneva has historic buildings, unique monuments and interesting museums, including an excellent museum of contemporary art. Geneva is also a green city, with many beautiful parks. Besides the typical tourist attractions, there are three nice spots where you can completely unwind.


Livresse is the perfect bar for those who want to enjoy a coffee, tea or juice with a book. The coffee bar is located in the Plainpalais district and is at the same time a small library and a bookstore. Livresse specializes in LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual) themed books but also shares its literary favorites of all kinds.

  • Livresse

  • Rue Vignier 5

  • 1205 Genève

Carouge and D'Maiz

A bit outside the city centre, but definitely worth a visit is the neighbourhood called Carouge. The district used to belong to the patrimony of the Italian royal family Savoy, but was later attributed to Geneva by the Turin Convention. The district is mainly characterised by its coloured facades and romantic squares. Every Saturday there is a fresh market.

One of the most striking and perhaps tastiest market stalls is D'Maiz. They serve the typical Colombian cuisine. Their signature dish is the Arepa, a flat bread bun made of corn and filled with meat, spicy sauce, fresh vegetables and lots of guacamole.


Birdie is a nice little coffee bar, with only a couple of places to sit and enjoy a good cup of coffee, a piece of cake or a cookie. Best of all: they don't allow laptops there. Birdie is all about spending some time with the people you are there with, just sipping on your coffee and talking. And is there anything better than that?

  • Birdie

  • Rue des Bains 40

  • 1205 Genève

How to move around in Geneva

First of all, Geneva isn't that big, so you can easily walk around. But if you do want to get around faster, you can take the tram. Public transport in Geneva consists of a very reliable network of trams, buses, a number of trains and even yellow taxi boats crossing the lake. I advise you to stop by the Geneva Tourist Agency and get yourself a Geneva Pass.

Not only does this allow you to take all public transport for free, it also gives you access to more than 30 activities such as the Mamco (Museum of Contemporary art).

Another amazing thing you should know about is the fact that if you come to Geneva by plane you can get a free pass to take any type of public transport from the airport to the city centre. You just have to look for the blue board with the sign 'FREE TICKET' before you go out. The pass is valid for 80 minutes, which is more than enough time. Both bus and train will get you to the city centre in less than half an hour.

In other words, whether it's for a weekend of culture, a weekend of shopping or a weekend of relaxation, Geneva is a good choice for a short city break.

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