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First time driving a mini Moke

If you are abroad and want to choose more or less freely where to go and for how long, then a rental car is usually not a superfluous luxury. In Vanuatu you can go to World Car Rental for that.

Efate, Vanuatu's main Island, takes about 3 hours to drive all the way around. Along the way you will encounter many different types of landscape, from vast coconut plantations, idyllic beaches to the beginnings of the wilderness. That alone is reason enough to choose for a car when in Vanuatu. A great company to work with while there is World Car Rental. We've tested two Suzuki Jimny's and two mini Mokes.

With a Suzuki Jimny you can drive better in the mountains, where the roads can be surprising. There is room for four people and the car has a fairly large trunk. However, if you have to take a lot of video equipment with you all day, then the mini SUV will be a bit cramped. 3 persons, the left backseat flat, the trunk full and you’re on your way.

Especially when the weather forecasts show bad weather, a closed 4x4 car like the Suzuki Jimny is the perfect choice.

A bit more adventurous and for me a first time, is driving around with a mini Moke. They look like a mix between a big golf cart and a real Jungle truck.

The car was intended for the British Armed Forces, but due to the low ground clearance and the fact that only two of the four wheels are driven, the car was rejected by the armed forces. Later, the Moke gained popularity with the nouveau riche in fashionable places like Cannes and Saint-Tropez.

Driving a mini Moke is really fun! When the weather is nice, the top cover can also be removed. Then you drive around in the open air, as if you have an immense panoramic roof. However, if it gets too hot, it's best to protect your skin from the sun. Driving around for hours in the burning sun is not a good idea.

Good knews, if you don’t know how to shift gears, because they have Mokes with full automatic transition too. So you can benefit from everything a Moke has to offer too.

The World Car Rental range is more extensive than the two types of cars we had at our disposal. You will also find compact cars like Kia Picanto, and a 7 seat luxury car like Kia Sarento.

Prices for the cars are not too bad either. For barely 56000 VUV (or approximately 430 EUR) you have a mini Moke for a whole week. Don't forget that you have to block 25000 VUV (or approximately 190 EUR) on your credit card as a guarantee. It will be made available very quickly as soon as you return the car.

In the rental price delivery and pick up are also included. As well as technical support in case of an accident or a flat tyre and a daily insurance fee.

Reading this article has made you excited about driving with a mini Moke? Did you already drive a Moke before? Tell me about your experience @angeloveroofficial. I'd love to hear about your adventures driving the Moke.

This post was made in collaboration with World Car Rental Vanuatu.

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