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Discover Libanese food in Ghent at Beiruti

From now on, lovers of Lebanese cuisine can also enjoy a pleasant dinner in Ghent. Beiruti is no ordinary restaurant. It is a true experience and consists of two parts: a street food market and a luxurious dining space upstairs.

Street food market

On the wall in front of the street food market there are a few stories hanging on the wall. One said: "Please read this first...

My brother and I used to walk Bliss street in Beirut everyday from home to school and vice versa. We always enjoyed the variety of food stalls. Here, you are now in the same street with three different shops, three different kitchens. Come walk with me... - Nehme

This is probably the most personal and beautiful introduction I've seen from a restaurant. It shows the inspiration and story behind Beiruti. The restaurant owned by Nehme Darwiche brings a lot of dishes that will introduce you to the flavours of Lebanon, his homeland. There are no menus at Beiruti, because what you get is a culinary tour, a mix between delicious street food from Beirut and fine dining restaurants.

First 'shop' is The Mezze, a variety of small dishes from the Easter-Mediterranean cuisine, such as Hummus, Baba Ganoush (salad of aubergines roasted above charcoal), Tabouleh, ...

Next are Teta Kitchen and Mana'eesh. Mana'eesh is a popular street dish that consists of dough with thyme, cheese or ground meat. Like a pizza, it can be cut or folded and can be served for breakfast or lunch. I tasted two different versions and fell in love with the version with za'atar. Za'atar is a mixture of dried thyme, sesame seeds, and sumac.

First floor restaurant

On the first floor you'll find yourself in a completely different vibe. In an instant you go from Libanese street vibes to a modern, colourful and luxurious dining environment. There's a round table for 6 near the big window, several tables for two or more and few other cosy corners.

During summer or at night their outdoor garden is absolutely a must-do! They have installed green grass and light bulbs. It looks so cosy!

Zero waste and eco-friendly

Because the food is so good, you can hardly imagine a lot of leftovers. However sometimes the portions are bigger than the belly. And when that happens, you can be sure that at Beiruti no food goes to waste. They encourage everyone to use their eco-friendly takeaway boxes for the leftovers. These small boxes are in cardboard, because they don't use plastic in Beiruti.

"What you don't eat, you can take home with you in small takeaway boxes, and what you don't want, we hand out to the homeless on the street.

And if after the service there is still food left, they use Too Good To Go, an app that notifies the neighbourhood that they have food that needs to be saved. And all of that makes me so happy!

Go and let yourself be amazed by Beiruti. They are open from Monday until Saturday.

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