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Travel must haves: Bye Mosquito bites, thanks to Phytosun

Travelling to warm places like Jamaica, where it is often a lot more humid, brings annoying mosquitoes and all kinds of other insects with it. Phytosun has recently become my lifesaver in case of stings or bites.

I have always praised myself happy when friends and family complained about insects that bite them. Until recently I thought I was immune to their attacks. Unfortunately, during my last travels I discovered that I wasn't that immune at all. Lucky for me, because there is a miracle cure called Phytosun.

If you are unlucky like me and get a sting from a mosquito, wasp or any other insect, it is best to apply the 'Gel insect bites'. This immediately relieves the unpleasant feeling and avoids endless scratching. After one day there is nothing left to see of the painful sting.

Prevention is of course better than cure

In the same range you will find anti-insect roll-on that protects you for up to 8 hours. The product contains only natural oils, including Eucalyptus Lemon, Citronella, Lavender and Geranium. Application is very easy thanks to the ball and tube. It also feels very pleasant and does not stick at all.

The Phytosun range also includes Pepper mint Essential Oil , Citronella Spray and practical tools such as diffusers for Essential Oils. All Phytosun products are for sale at the local pharmacy or at

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