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Voltaire, the place in Ixelles for a nice brunch, lunch or takeaway

Ixelles has had some very nice addresses for some time now. Among them Voltaire, located at La Place Brugmann. We went to take a look and discovered their unique lunch formula.

Ixelles is one of the more beautiful and cosy neighbourhoods just outside the city centre of Brussels. This small neighbourhood (barely ten streets) with antique boutiques, jewellery and decoration shops has been on the rise for a few years now and is attracting more and more visitors from outside.

In the heart of the district, at the renowned square Brugmann, you will also find restaurant-caterer Voltaire. Whether you pass by with a big or small craving, the restaurant has what you are looking for. In the morning you can enjoy an extensive breakfast (weekends or public holidays they even have brunch).

My favourite corner to enjoy lunch at Voltaire

During lunch you can choose from a delicious, seasonal buffet of meat, fish or vegetarian. You have two different portion sizes to pick from: small or large. You choose a protein and fill up the plate with grilled, stuffed or raw vegetables, potato (salad), pasta, ... At Voltaire you can also order à-la-carte if you want.

After lunch you can choose to your heart's content between the different desserts and cakes in the counter. I recommend the crispy raspberry pie or the delicious filled eclairs with mocha filling.

No time to enjoy on the spot. That's no problem at all. In the Villa Loraine corner you will find many pre-packed gourmet dishes that you can take away with you. You can also buy some typical culinary specialties like canned sardines from La Belle Illoise, passata Don Antonio and a range of French wines.

So whether you're going for a nice breakfast or a good lunch, at Voltaire you're always in the right place. The restaurant is open every day from 12h to 17h and 18h to 24h. Orders can be placed until 21h30.

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